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Trump Tells Chief Justice Roberts to Fire Judge Who Blocked His Asylum Order

Time was, when we as a nation welcomed immigrants. That’s why we have Lady Liberty in New York Harbor.


Federal Judge Jon S. Tigar has issued a temporary restraining order blocking Donald Trump from denying asylum to those crossing from Mexico into Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, or California if they cross over our southern border between ports of entry (in other words, illegally) (


Judge Tigar accused Trump of trying to rewrite immigration laws.


As we all know, Trump has a big big problem with anger.


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was with Trump when he called Chief Justice John Roberts and told him to tell Tigar, “Your’re fired!”


Associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman was with Chief Justice Roberts when he took the call.


“But Sir, I can’t do that. Sir, that would be unconstitutional.”


“John, I don’t give a rat’s ___ what you think!”


Associate solitary reporter Lewis Thompson was with Judge Tigar in his chambers in San Francisco when the judge issued another order, this one confining Trump to the psychiatric ward at George Washington University Hospital, not far from the White House.






Trump's New Title: Coward-in-Chief

With Donald Trump in the White House, wonders never cease.


The man who claims to be the strongest Oval Office dude ever in support of our military did something he never does in his interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace today, when he ever so slightly backpedaled. He said he should have gone to the cemetery in France that he skipped because of rain (though now he says it was on the Secret Service’s

order — even though he could have easily gone in a motorcade’ after his helicopter was grounded because of fog). 


Then he decided not to go to Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans’ Day. And today he told Wallace that he should have gone there but that he was compelled to stay away because he was pretending to be a statesman.


He sure keeps all our associate solitary reporters’ heads spinning.


Next, he lambasted retired Admiral William McCraven for heavily criticizing him in August. McCraven’s Washington Post op-ed told it like it is when he said that Trump’s disregard for the First Amendment is extremely dangerous for what’s left of our democracy (


So then today Trump falsely claimed that Adm. McCraven is an ally of Hillary Clinton. Wallace pointed out that it was the admiral who planned the successful effort to eliminate Osama bin Laden. Then Trump lamely said that McCraven should’ve taken bin Laden down much earlier.


Not only that, Trump says he doesn’t need to listen to the audiotape that Turkish intelligence played for CIA Director Gina Haspel providing the details for how Mohammed bin Salman’s hit men brutally exterminated Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi. He’s clearly afraid of alienating Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is a close personal friend of Son-in-Law-in-Chief Jared Kushner.


All this adds up to lots of fears on Trump’s part.


Which is why Trump just confessed to associate solitry reporter Johanna Jones, “Johanna, I’m no Commander-in-Chief. I’m the Coward-in-Chief.”


He then implored Jones to console and comfort him as he wailed, “I can’t get no satisfaction from Melania!”


Though Jones has a long history of providing outsanding pastoral care, she left the room to file her report to us. She’s always extremely punctual that way.






Trump in Paradise

Donald Trump doesn’t like California, and the feeling is mutual.


The reason is obvious: it’s a Deep Blue State, with a big splotch of red in eastern California.


Today, Trump was in Paradise, the city in Butte County, in the Sierra Nevada foothills, for a photo-op. Most of Paradise was destroyed in the Camp Fire, which, within only one day, killed at least 42 people. Trump was invited to Paradise by its Republican Congressman, Doug LaMalfa.


Trump’s idea of paradise is spending intimate time with model and Playboy persona Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels. He also craves extemely frequent adulation at his constant rallies, and he also likes to preside at Mar-a-Lago, Bedminister, and his Tower, and he gets lots of jollies in his role as Twitterer-in-Chief.


Orange County, in southern California, is the sixth-largest county by population in the United States. It is a bastion of conservative Republicans. As of press time, with votes still being tabulated in two Districts, all its Representatives in Congress were flipped from red to blue on November 6, in the Blue Tsunami, when Democrat Katie Porter defeated Congresswoman Mimi Walters. It was the first time ever that a Democrat was elected to represent California’s 45th Congressional District.


Democrat Mike Levin defeated Republican Congresswoman Diane Harkey in the Golden State’s 49th CD. 


Gil Cisneros is leading Republican Young Kim by 3,020 votes in the 39th CD.


Dem Harley Rouda is leading in the race to represent Caliornia’s 48th Congressional District. If he pulls it off, he will defeat 15-term GOP Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, who worked for Ronald Reagan and helped RR formulate the Reagan Doctrine. Rohrabacher is a close friend of Vladimir Putin.


Unfortunately, Trump ally Kevin McCarthy, who will be subservient to Nancy Pelosi or Marcia Fudge in January, was re-elected to represent California’s 23rd Congressional District, the most Republican-leaning Congressional District in California. That District includes the Mojave Desert. In the Blue Wave of 2018, with at least 37 flips in the House, the Republican Party is swiftly heading to political desertdom, which is where it belongs.


Congressman Adam Schiff (D-Calfornia) will soon take over from Trump acolyte Devin Nunes (R-Califorinia) as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Unfortunately, Nunes survived the Blue Wave.


During his few hours in California, Trump was twice asked at an impromptu press conference whether he thinks California’s three horrendous fires are attributable to global warming.


As usual, he equivocated; but on Air Force One, he told associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones how happy he is that America’s most conspicuous vote suppressor, Brian Kemp, came out ahead of Democrat Stacey Abrams to lead the Peachtree State. He also told Jones how proud he is of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for being such a strong and effective ruler in Saudi Arabia, after the CIA confirmed that MbS ordered the brutal murder in Istanbul of journalist and WaPo contributor Jamal Khashoggi.


Associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith, our chief Congressional correspondent, was at the press conference, where she observed billionaire and environmental activist and possible presidential candidate Tom Steyer interrupt the press conference. Steyer has spent $10,000,000 of his own money trying to impeach Trump (a bad idea, because if he were to be convicted in the Senate, which ain’t gonna happen anyway, then we’d have theocrat Mike Pence).


But Press Secretary Sara Huckabee kicked Steyer in the cojones. Steyer is now recuperating at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco.






Hannity Quits Fox News; He and Trump Launch TrumpNews Corp.

CNN, which Donald Trump loves to attack as the chief proponent of "Fake News" (that’s any reporting he doesn’t like), is really good at getting under the Disrupter-in-Chief’s skin (


He is a classic narcissist, and he hates to be accosted in a challenging manner.


After the Dems flipped the House, so they can investigate all his very numerous wrongdoings, he showed up for what used to be called a more or less polite press conference. That’s when CNN’s White House correspondent, Jim Acosta, asked him a lot of very appropriate questions, as an intern in a purple dress tried to grab the mic from him.


Then Sarah Huckabee and friends yanked Acosta’s credentials. So CNN and Acosta went to court.


Unbelievably, Fox News (the only channel Trump likes) is siding with CNN in the lawsuit — even though Trump’s close personal friend, Sean Hannity, is furious at Acosta.


Today, a federal judge will rule on CNN and Acosta’s suit against Trump. Associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman, who is based in Washington, will be in the courtroom.


Yet another reason for Trump’s ire: as best-selling author Michael D’Antonio (Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success) writes, Melania just showed that she knows how to throw her trophy bod' around. She didn’t like Deputy National Security Advisor Mira Ricardel, so she went public, making her husband foam at the mouth because she blindsided him; and as we all know, Melania and her husband have seprate bedrooms. Read all about it at  


Moments ago, associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman texted us with this breaking news: Hannity, extremely p____d at Fox News’ parent owner, Rupert Murdoch, for siding with CNN, threw a pissyfit, and walked out, saying, “Donald Trump is my best friend, he calls me all the time for advice, so he and I are, as of today, launching TrumpNews Corp. I will be the sole anchor, but from time to time Rush Limbaugh will be joining me.”


“Our slogan’s gonna be ‘All The Hate We Can Fit In, 24/7’."






Bolton Quits After Melania Insists That His Top Deputy Be Ousted

National Security Advisor John Bolton’s Deputy, Mira Ricardel, managed to get herself crossways with Melania during her solo trip to Africa.


Disputes erupted over seating on the airplane and requests to use National Security Council resources.


Not only that, but some on Melania’s staff have suspected that Ricardel is responsible for some negative stories about Melania — per The Wall Street Journal (


All this happened while Hawk-in-Chief Bolton is in Singapore, where he is meeting with heads of state at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit (


Associate solitary reporter Ko Il-sun asked Bolton whether he felt betrayed by Melania.


Bolton’s response was swift and to the point. “Mira is more important to me than my wife, my sister, or my mother. Since Mira’s being let go, I’m just going to stay in Singapore where they really respect authority.”


Associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman just spoke with Ricardel, who told her that she’s already en route to Singapore to meet up with Bolton.