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Trump on Declassification, and His Thoughts About a Recent Election

Over the years, and especially in the recent past, we here at AP have found Donald Trump’s thought process to be intriguing.


As to those classified documents he lugged along with him to Mar-a-Lago, we have now been informed that for him, to declassify a sensitive government document, all he had to do was to think about it. “It’s the thought that counts,” he explained to associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones. 


For another point of view, which Trump thinks very little of, see (disagreement in the GOP ranks).


Once having achieved his interesting perspective, Trump quickly thought through his situation relating to the 2020 presidential election.


“I think I won that election, Johanna.” 


“Yes, I did, it’s conclusive, I won. Thanks for listening, and now you can visit me in the White House whenever you want, just as long as you think the way I do."






Just See How New Hampshire Republican and Independent Voters Have Guaranteed a Senate Victory for Sen. Maggie Hassan


Yesterday was the last day this year for a primary election: Rhode Island, Delaware, and New Hampshire voters cast their ballots. Of the three, the Washington blogosphere was most interested by far in what the Republican voters in the Granite State did.


The State’s two Senators, both Dems, are Jean Shaheen, who used to be Governor, and its other Senator, also a Democrat, and also a woman, and also previously Governor, is Maggie Hassan, who, six years ago, had a margin of victory of a mere 1,017 votes over her Republican incumbent, Kelly Ayotte, who was on a short list among Republican women to be John McCain’s running mate in 2008. Which is why Mitch McConnell assumed that it would be easy to knock off Senator Hassan.


But in the land of “Live Free or Die,” voters are cantankerous, and they don’t like to be told what to do.


Which meant that yesterday the voters in New Hampshire who voted in the Republican column picked a retired general, Don Bolduc, who tied himself very closely to Donald Trump and his prevarication machine, and won even though he never got Trump’s endorsement. Bolduc’s primary opponent yesterday was Chuck Morse, the President of the New Hampshire Senate.


Bolduc is best known for having denounced popular governor Chris Sununu, a Republican whom McConnell desperately wanted to run against Hassan, only Sununu had sense enough to stay in New Hampshire. Anyway, Bolduc denounced Sununu as a “Chinese Communist sympathizer" and claimed that the Governor’s business “supports terrorism," and, in response, Sununu refers to Bolduc as “not a serious candidate” and a “conspiracy theorist."


Yup, Bolduc won his primary yesterday, much to the pleasure of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who is continuing the stupid practice of the DNC plunging into Republican primaries, helping Trumpie candidate to win their primaries, and in New Hampshire it evidently worked.


Our Chief New Hampshire political operative, associate solitary reporter Kathy Fogarty, a devoted Democrat, tells us that Hassan will win with at least 53% of the vote in November. Fogarty operates Bennett Kennels, which prepares canines to be Best in Show. 







And Here in the US It's the Republicans Who Vex Us, But What About in the UK?



September 12, 2022


After the death of the sainted Queen Elizabeth II, a few subjects of the King began grumbling about the monarchy, because for many years there has been a noticeable group who would prefer that the British monarchy go away. In its place they would like to see a brand new Republic, the first one in England since 1658 when Oliver Cromwell, the Lord Protector, fell ill and England’s first Republic, led by the British Republicans, dissolved to make way for the Glorious Restoration under Charles II. And now we have Charles III as we wait eagerly to find out if he can keep the monarchy in anything like its present form.


None of this was unexpected to associate solitary reporter Denise Packwood, who covers most things British for us.


Immediately, Packwood was contacted by Donald Trump’s egregiously outrageous lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.


“Denise,” he yelled, “just think of all the wonderful work that my client did to take over the Republican Party here in the yew-United States. Lots of people are very upset that under my hero, Donald Trump, the name of our Republican Party will be challenged.”


Promptly leaping to his feet was Senator Bernie Sanders, who gleefully refers to himself as a Democratic Socialist in the model of Eugene Debs (1844-1926), one of the principal leaders of the Socialist Party in the US.


“It’s fine with me if Mitch McConnell calls himself a Republican Socialist,” Sanders offered, "but don’t hold your breath."


Packwood was equally happy to point out the in the former British colony of Niue, a small island nation in the South Pacific that isn’t really close to anything, with 1,937 residents, there are no political parties.







Now that Zelensky Has Taken Izium, Moscow Can't Be Too Far Away

Now that the Ukrainians have captured Izium and are successful in their counterattack against the Rooskies, it’s time to predict what will happen any moment now in the Ukraine-Russia War.


Vladimir Putin’s Russia is much more corrupt than Ukraine has ever been, and what that means is that despite the relatively small size of his army, Volodymyr Zelensky is now at a turning point in his desire to do a lot more than punch Putin in the nose.


Zelensky is more convinced than ever that he can push the Russians all the way back to Belarus and then some.


“Once I get to Minsk, it’s only a few hundred miles from Minsk to Moscow,” Zelensky said to longtime Ukrainian nationalist Danylo Struk’s widow, Oksana. Struk was a classmate of your solitary reporter during freshman year at John Harvard’s College, where the two took Baby Russian because they met in 1959, only two years after Sputnik. Struk later became a professor of Ukrainian language and literature at the University of Toronto. Danylo (“Danny”) and Oksana visited your solitary reporter and Mary Mullarkey when they lived on Dahlia Street in Denver. Danny became a Denver Broncos fan after he moved to Toronto. He chose the Broncos as his NFL team because of the D on their helmets.