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Truthfully, Giuliani Knows Lots About Truth

Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s lawyer, knows how to talk about truth, because yesterday he told NBC’s Chuck Todd that truth isn’t truth (


Seems he learned that pretty well from his client.






New Hampshire's GOP Gov Admits That Trump Is Extremely Erratic

MADISON, NEW HAMPSHIRE — The Sununu Family is very powerful in New Hampshire, and they are all Republicans. Chris Sununu is the current Gov of the Granite State.


Associate solitary reporter Maggie Johannson went to the Madison Boulder today, in northern New Hampshire. The Madison Boulder is 23 feet high, 37 feet front-to-back, and 85 feet left to right.


The Madison Boulder is a glacial erratic — the largest in the United States.


ASR Johannson was pleased to hear her governor tell her in confidence, “You know, Magggie, I voted for Donald Trump, but as everybody knows, he is by far and away the most erratic dude ever to sit in the Oval Office.”


Johannson curtseyed and told Sununu she will not vote for him despite the fact that he is slowly by slowly gaining knowledge of the political party to which he adheres.






Ivanka Pushes Back Against Trump's Family Separation Policy; Mnuchin Becomes a Democrat

The Trump-Sessions policy of separating children from their parents at our southern border has come back to haunt Mr. Trump. 


His daughter, Ivanka, the most sensible of all five Trump children, has spoken out forcefully against that policy, calling it the lowest point in her father’s time in the White House ( 


Associate solitary reporters Johanna Jones and Keith Coleman were with Mr. Trump when he learned about Ivanka’s criticism.


“Jared,” he yelled, “get in here right away!”


For once, Jared Kushner, Ivanka’s husband, was not in Jerusalem exchanging high fives with Benjamin Netanyahu.


“Yes?” Jared said, as he entered the Oval Office apprehensively.


“Jared, tell Ivanka that she has to stay quiet on that issue!”


“Sir, she’s right.”


Then, all hell broke loose as Trump tried to throw his son-in-law out the window onto the White House lawn.


But Kushner, 37, is in much better shape than his 72-year old, 239 pound father-in-law.


The Secret Service had to restrain Kushner.


After Secret Service Director Randy Ailes led Kushner onto Pennsylvania Avenue, Trump called his Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, a Wall Street guy through and through. Mnuchin has been tasked to see if the big big tax break that Trump wants to dole out, to his super-wealthy buddies, can be done by a stroke of Trump's or Mnuchin’s pen, rather than going through Congress, an institution that Trump barely tolerates ( 


“No can do, Sir,” Mnuchin told Trump.


As Mnuchin was being escorted out of his office in the Treasury Department straight onto Pennsylvania Avenue, ASR Coleman said to him, “Steve, the easiest way to deal with this is to announce that you have joined the Democratic Party.”


Mnuchin smiled and said, “Absolutely, Keith, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do."






Timeline for the End of Trump's Political Career

Colorado Day, 2018


Today is the Centennial State’s birthday.


One of the best things about Colorado is that Donald Trump got his rear end whipped by Hillary in 2016. New Mexico also sensibly voted for Hillary.


Trump lost the GOP primary in Colorado to Sen. Ted Cruz (TP-Texas).


The only thing that Trump’s base likes about Trump is that he entertains them and revs them up at his Trumpistic rallies, where he spews venom and hate.


Yesterday, he went to Tampa to campaign for Rick Scott for US Senate.


Because he has upended the Republican Party with his Trade War, and because of his bromance with Vladimir Putin, and because he seemingly can’t keep his pants zipped up, both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate will flip to the Dems in November. Trump already controls the Supreme Court because his nominee to succeed Justice Anthony Kennedy is more than likely to be confirmed, especially after Sen. Rand Paul (TP-Kentucky) announced his support for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, whose paper trail is several miles long, but who is part of the GOP judicial establishment in Washington.


Special Counsel Robert Mueller is closing in on Trump. He knows when to keep his mouth shut, but Trump is always foaming at the mouth.


When his conscientious and diligent investigation is concluded after the mid-terms, Mueller will issue a report detailing all of Trump’s exceedingly numerous impeachable offenses.


Then we’ll have Mike Pence in the Oval Office — and Pence, a theocrat if there ever was one, will continue with Trump’s agenda.


Pence will quickly see to it that women are not allowed to choose what happens inside their bodies.


Pence will take a victory lap to Moscow where he will sit at the feet of Putin and receive instructions as to what to do next to further Putin’s plan to retake the Russian Empire to where it was when the Soviet Union imploded.


Unhappy Days are in store for the land of the free and the home of the brave.






McConnell's Wall Will Trump Trump's Wall

Donald Trump is the Disrupter-in-Chief and the Distracter-in-Chief, all because he has never had command of himself, which is why he likes to command others.


His former Campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort, goes on trial this week. Mueller’s getting closer and closer. So, to distract us from all that, now he has doubled down on his demand for Trump's Wall.


And to get it, he’s willing to shut down the government.


But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sees right through Trump’s bluff. McConnell plans to get nearly all the needed appropriations bills passed in August, and in November, after he and Ryan lose both Houses of Congress, he’ll give Trump some money ostensibly for his Wall 



Early this morning, associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith asked McConnell how he plans to foil Trump’s plan for his Wall.


“Great question, Melissa,” McConnell said. “I’m going to build the McConnell Wall between myself and Mr. Trump. He knows nothing about how to deal with Congress. I’m actually going to put it between the White House and his Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue so all those foreign leaders who are trying to get his attention by staying there, won’t be able to get to the White House. They’ll have to come to us at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, because we have the power of the purse.”


When associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones told White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway about McConnell's proclamation, she said that McConnell's facts do not pass her test of Alternality.