In Today's Hearing in the Judiciary Committee, Hur Fully Established His Republican Credentials

This morning in the District of Columbia, Judiciary Committee Chief Bulldog Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) elicited testimony from former Special Counsel Robert Hur about Joe Biden and whatever Uncle Joe did or did not do with classified documents after he was no longer Vice President.


Jordan is well known as one of Donald Trump’s chief sycophants.


The entirety of today ’s testimony was observed by associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman, who has served as a Democratic Party operative for the entirety of his career. As such, Coleman has been entrusted with exposing all forms of Republican hypocrisy, because it is a truth universally acknowledged that today’s Republicans have one goal and one goal only, which is to remind MAGA voters that they are entirely subservient to the wishes of Mr Trump, but that they should recant and vote en masse for Democrats, especially Biden.


The members of the Committee and, in particular, Rep. Adam Schiff, a leading Democratic candidate for the Senate, took pains to praise Hur’s immigrant background. In his testimony, Hur spoke carefully, staying closely to his self-imposed script. 


During a break in the testimony, out of the hearing of Jordan or Schiff, as well as everyone else in the hearing room, Hur told Coleman that Trump has promised him that, if elected in November, he will nominate him to be Ambassador to South Korea with instructions to cozy up to Kim Jong-un and walk with Kim several miles into North Korea and invite Kim to do whatever he would like to South Korea at his earliest opportunity.