New York AG Letitia James Has a New Idea for How to Satisfying Trump's Debt

Donald Trump has a way of being in the news 24/7. In fact, he would be nowhere were it not for his insistence in taking over the world’s airwaves.


Among other things, he refuses to pay New York some $350,000,000, plus interest, because he defrauded thousands of individuals and corporations through his privately held businesses, so Attorney General Letitia James, interviewed by associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman, said that if he doesn’t pay by tomorrow, she’ll send him to the Amazon rainforest (if there’s anything left of it) so he can negotiate with a newly discovered giant anaconda which has recently been discovered,


Peripatetic Trump spokesman Steven Cheung said that Coleman, a Democratic Party operative, has been permanently banished from Trump Tower and that as soon as Trump returns to the White House next year, Coleman will be prosecuted as an enemy of the people.