Abbott Invades New Mexico

Texas used to be an independent nation, and it has 254 counties, and most wealthy Texans are rich because of oil and they don’t like people with brown skins.


Gov. Greg Abbott is a very virile member of the Ignorant and Proud of It Club, of which Donald Trump is the founder.


Just in the last few days, the Texas National Guard and Joe Biden’s Border Patrol have clashed openly, and shots were almost fired as desperate migrants from Sierra Leone and Cuba and many other nations were trying to smuggle themselves into the US,


GOP candidate Donald Trump knows a lot about crime, and this year he will be convicted by two federal court juries and he will tell his shameless fans, who are charter members of the Ignorant and Proud of It Club, that he will do a great job as President from prison.


Abbott is so proud of his swagger that he announced just moments ago that he has decided to invade New Mexico.


“I love Carlsbad Caverns National Park,” Abbott told associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman. “I am determined to shove one of those famous stalactites up Nikki Haley’s rear end so I can ask her how it feels.”