In Which We Speculate About Netanyahu's Future

We here at AP have, for almost twenty years, wondered how Israeli voters have tolerated Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu,
Bibi has a lot of explaining to do because, among other things, his country experienced a massive security failure on October 7, when it was clear that the Israeli intelligence community had fallen asleep at the switch.
Ever available when needed, associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman figured out what Secretary of State Antony Blinken needs to do, and he did it right away.
“Bibi,” he began, “we’re done with you. You have veered so far to the right that you and Speaker Mike Johnson have done the same thing: you’ve both caved in to the far-right.”
“I’m sick and tired of bibisitting you."
As soon as Netanyahu picked himself up from the floor, he got on the phone with Donald Trump, who encouraged Bibi to send his nukes to the White House before November 5.