Newbie House Speaker Vows to Impose Theocracy Once He's President

It has been said often enough that in terms of political reality, the South won the Civil War.
Republicans in the House now have two Louisiana politicians in leadership: Majority Leader Steve Scalise and youngish (at 51) evangelical Mike Johnson, from Shreveport.
Johnson says the most important document in his life is the Bible, so he must have forgotten about the Constitution.
Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones just emerged from a one with one with Johnson, the last ditch Republican candidate to be third in line for the presidency.
“Johanna,” he said, “I swore an oath not so much to the Constitution, but much more to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, which is why when I become President I will impose a theocracy, just like those valiant Pilgrims of ages ago.”
When he heard this, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin prepared for battle.