Matt Gaetz, Kevin McCarthy's Chief Tormentor, Is Running for President

Yesterday, the chaos on Capitol Hill was on everyone’s mind after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy quickly changed direction and was able to prevent the long-anticipated government shutdown with only hours to spare.
To do that, McCarthy had to enlist the help of Congressional Democrats, even though he has begun impeachment proceedings against President Biden, with no supporting evidence. This produced more laughter among progressive Democrats than had ever been heard in the halls of Congress. 
It has been said many times that laughter is the best cure for distress, so we here at AP commend our Democratic friends in Congress for taking the whole episode in stride.
But Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz made them all stop laughing because after yesterday’s  vote, he vowed to file a Motion to Vacate the Speaker’s Chair. The situation is unprecedented; and progressive lioness Alexandria Ocasio Cortez said that under no circumstances would she come to McCarthy’s aid,
Gaetz is no friend of Bill Gates, even though their names are pronounced the same. Gaetz is one of the wealthiest Members of Congress. He has distinguished himself by being even more obnoxious and loathed than Ted Cruz.
increase my personal wealth and take over Trump’s brand and maybe even set up my own political party,” Gaetz said. Jones snickered as she texted us.