See How Easily the Auto Workers Strike Could End

After years of intransigence, the Big Three auto makers, including Stellantis (the one that used to be Chrysler), the UAW finally went on strike at midnight on Friday (which is supposed to be a slow news time).


GM CEO Mary Barra receives a paltry $29 million in annual compensation. If her board fires her, she’s unlikely to be camped out on a street inside a tent.


Presumably (read: hopefully) a Democrat because she seems to be civic-minded to a degree, she told associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman that she is having trouble with the UAW’s demand for a wage increase. So maybe, Coleman told us, the best solution for the impasse is for all the hourly paid employees of Big Auto is for them to be detailed to Libya, which has substantial infrastructure needs after a flood that killed some 11,000 people when two dams broke, which should not have happened. Barra is not sure how to pay the workers once they get to Libya but she thinks the Republicans in Congress should cough up some funds just to be nice.


Barra said that it is finally time to face up to climate change and what to do about it, so it would be a good thing for the auto workers to go to Libya to assist in recovery efforts, and she would go there too, along with Bernie Sanders, and even Hunter Biden, and all of those persons would, by volunteering to go to Libya in its time of need, assist President Biden’s efforts to attack climate change, because every car made in Detroit and elsewhere contributes to worsening the environment.


Barra also commented that the Chinese, who care very little about the environment or human rights, are now making electronically powered cars and they are doing it poorly, which should be noted because the Chinese are also contributing to global warming and something should be done about that also.


The irrepressible Coleman chimed in, saying that the Republicans in Congress, especially Kevin McCarthy, would never allow the auto workers to leave their jobs unless all the workers promise to give their undying support to Donald Trump.