Why House Republicans Have Nothing Constructive to Offer

McCarthy & Co. have nothing better to do than spin their wheels as they try to retake their chamber which they almost lost last November.


Won’t work, though, because next year come election time Trump will not be able to campaign, and DeSantis will have to stay in Florida, and President Biden will be re-elected, and followers of Robert Kennedy Jr. will realize that those of them who are angry at Biden so they donated to RFK Jr or Marianne Williamson will eventually realize that they wasted their energy and their money. 


All the gops have — in addition to bludgeoning Hunter Biden as he mans up and admits he messed up by not paying his taxes (which he did, only late) and buying a gun which, as an addict, he shouldn’t have — is essentially sour grapes. 


So they are going after Congressman Adam Schiff (D-Cal.) — who, as Chair of the House Select Intelligence Committee during the early part of the time that Donald Trump was fulminating against everybody when he was in the White House — exposed thunderous holes in many of Donald Trump’s misdeeds, https://www.cnn.com/2023/06/21/politics/adam-schiff-censure-vote-house/index.html; though a few Republicans realize that their defamatory action will increase Schiff’s ability to fundraise for his Senate bid. 


So now they’re hauling him in on a trumped-up (pun intended) charge; Trump is the tiny, almost voiceless homunculus who is behind the libelous effort. Schiff is one of numerous California Dems who are standing in line waiting for 89 year old Senator Diane Feinstein to leave office, which she should have done several years ago because of her health issues, according to our Chief California associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman.


“That kind of nonsense that they’re doing to Adam Schiff is just typical gop tactics,” Feinstein explained to Sherman.