Why I-95 North Is Shut Down in Philly

In Philadelphia, on June 11, a portion of Interstate 95 collapsed when a tanker truck carrying gasoline crashed against a wall in the Tacony neighborhood of Philadelphia. So nine miles of the interstate had to be closed (and still is), requiring Gov. Josh Shapiro to spend most of his time solving the problem.


If Trump’s candidate, Doug Mastriano, had won, he would still be asking Team Trump what gasoline is.


Mastriano told associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman that the closure was the brainfart child of his hero, Donald Trump, a man well acquainted with conspiracy theories and how to propagate them.


According to Coleman, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, who is with Trump day and night, 45 is well aware that Trump has far more fervent followers south of Pennsylvania, so Trump arranged for the closure to isolate his Trumpies south of Pennsylvania from Shapiro’s skillful efforts. Closing off a major interstate highway that goes right through a big city, which is a blue city, accomplished that.