Everything You Should Know About Trump's Arraignment

Trial judges who preside over high-profile cases quickly develop thick skins.
Today, in the Manhattan Criminal Court, Justice Juan M. Merchan is informing Donald Trump that he is a crook and a perjurer, and most of New York’s Finest, plus most of the Secret Service, are focused only on this first-time ever event, a former White House resident being criminally charged, even as he thinks, wrongly, that next year he’ll be able to hoodwink enough voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, as well as in Nevada and New Hampshire, into letting him into1600 Pennsylvania one more time,
For Justice Merchan, it’s the second time around withTrump, because he’s the judge who presided over the five-week tax fraud trial which resulted in a criminal conviction against The Trump Organization.
Which is why Trump has been incessantly following his standard method: railing against the judge.
Given the nature of the defendant, all the TV and print media attended, including associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman, and they are all in the courtroom.
“Good afternoon, Mr. Trump,” began Justice Merchan, “it’s wonderful to see New York City’s most illustrious citizen again. We here in New York truly wish that you had not decided to move to a different state where they rarely experience winter.”
“The hell you say!! This whole thing is a witch-hunt and a move to keep me from being re-elected. It’s all political!”
“Easy, Mr. Trump, I will not tolerate rudeness in my courtroom.”
“Sir, the grand jury has charged you with corruption in the ninth degree and with dragging our nation into the mud and making us the laughing stock of the world. How do you plead?”
“See all these fancy lawyers here? I’m not gonna let a single one of ‘em enter my plea, but I am NOT GUILTY.” 
“I'll have more to say tonight from home.”
As the proceedings rapidly drew to a close — after Trump fulminated for half an hour about how his fingers turned black when he was fingerprinted — associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman went straight for Trump and landed a perfect karate chop to his cojones, which caused Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle to throw Sherman to the ground, where she is writhing in pain.