On Tuesday, Trump Will Be Arrested at Rikers Island

Those of us who live within the broad tent known as the Democratic Faith will never forget one of Donald Trump’s most memorable forays into international affairs, when, because a TV camera was nearby, he pushed aside the President of Montenegro to be assured that his ungodly image would show up on our TV screens.
Had there never been TV, Trump would never have lived in the White House.
Now that he has favored us with his prediction as to where he’ll be arrested for having had sex with Stormy Daniels and then lied about it, all your close personal friends here at AP won’t rest until they tell you where The Arrest of the Ages (according to The Donald) will take place.
It will take place in the Empire State, but it won’t take place in Manhattan, according to associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman.
Of all the places on Earth that engaged in intense competition to host Trump’s arrest at the hands of District Attorney Alvin Bragg, it’s not the Criminal Courts building in Manhattan.
It’s Rikers Island, Gotham’s best-known jail, where it costs a mere $556,539 a year to keep one person.
Everybody knows that Trump is supremely guilty of violating any federal law that Congress ever passed, including the Civil Rights Act, so it only makes sense that the first indictment of Trump in 2023 will be the indictment against him for having sex with Stormy Daniels, who is almost as wealthy as Trump is.
So we reached out to associate solitary Susanna Sherman, our Chief California correspondent, to ask her why Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis didn’t beat Bragg to it. 
“I didn’t want all those damn TV cameras here in the peachy Peach State,” Willis told Sherman.