Boebert Resigns Because of Today's McCarthyism


January 5, 2023


Republican senator Joe McCarthy (1908-1957) from Wisconsin was largely responsible for the Red Scare.


He’s the one who persuaded the media that Communists had taken over the federal government.


The word McCarthyism, meaning a movement propagated by a demagogue who persuades people to distrust their government, was a direct result.


Your solitary reporter grew up during the 1950s McCarthyism and he has seen, many times, the superb movie "The Manchurian Candidate," starring, not Denzel Washington, but Frank Sinatra and Lawrence Harvey and Angela Lansbury and Janet Leigh, the world’s most beautiful woman at the time (1962). 


In the movie, based on the novel by John Frankenheimer, senator Johnny Iselin, played by James Gregory, is senator Joe McCarthy.


The next McCarthy who made a very substantial, and beneficial, contribution to our public discourse was Senator Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota (1916-2005), a Democrat who, like Senator Mike Mansfield of Montana, opposed President Johnson’s Vietnam War. Mansfield was a Democrat but he bucked LBJ and he was right.


In 1968 Senator Eugene McCarthy, the Democrat, ran for President because President Lyndon B Johnson, despite having done many good things, nevertheless got us into a grievous war in Vietnam that he could’t figure out how to get us out of.


In 1968, Johnson’s Vice President, Hubert Horatio Humphrey (1911-1978), grabbed the nomination of the Democratic Party for President after Lyndon quit, only Hubert had not won a  single primary (


Hubert came very close to defeating Tricky Dick Nixon for President, but Hubert lost and Nixon won.


The next McCarthy is Kevin McCarthy, a Republican Congressman and Trump acolyte from California, still alive, who desperately wants to be Speaker of the House of Representatives, stridently opposed by twenty Republican Congressmembers, including Colorado’s Own Lauren Boebert, who have openly conspired to deprive Kevin McCarthy of the job which he has, true, earned, because he has travelled all over this exceptional nation raising money for Republican politicians. See


Today, congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) nominated Donald Trump to be the Speaker of the House, and Trump promptly accepted, according to our Chief Congressional Correspondent, associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith and associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones (an unhoused African American journalist who has the ear of Trump; Johanna Jones’ fictional identity is based on John Jones, a former law clerk for the late, great Mary Mullarkey (1943-2021), Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Colorado for twelve years and your solitary reporter’s widower. John Jones is a very funny guy and he did a great job as Mary’s clerk).


Trump got one vote for Speaker on the eleventh roll call, today.


Gaetz had an illegal sexual relationship with a 17-year old girl and he says he didn’t do it but he is an adamant supporter of Trump and Trumpism and nobody lies more blatantly than Trump and that’s why Gaetz is a Trumpie. So we say that Gaetz is guilty of that illicit relationship with the 17 year old.


ASR Smith is the first to report to us here at AP that Boebert has resigned from the Freedom Caucus and from the obdurate group of never Kevins. She’s gone back to her home in Silt, Colorado, so she can organize her own militia. Boebert’s resignation means, according to us here at AP, that Adam Frisch, her Democratic opponent in November, takes her seat.


AP lovers, stay tuned.