Bolsonaro Is Vacationing in Florida As He Plots to Oust Lula

Yesterday, socialist Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, a leftie and the newly re-inaugurated leader of Brazil, vowed to undo everything his immediate predecessor, extreme right-winger Jair Bollsonaro, did during his tempestuous rule.


Bolsonaro doesn’t like gays, and he placed his first priority on destroying the Amazon rain forest, which he enjoyed doing because it made the indigenous dwellers spit in his face, or woulda, if they coulda.


Bolsonaro, a close friend of Donald Trump, is vacationing in Florida — so he can be closer to Trump and associate solitary reporter

Johanna Jones — is plotting a coup to topple Lula, whom he hates.


But Jones has talked with Bolsonaro and has convinced him that Trump lost the 2020 election; but Jair is gonna stay in the Sunshine State til he can talk the Brazilian generals into taking necessary action against Lula, according to our Chief Brazilian Correspondent, Beatriz Bonifacia. Bonifacia is the newest of our large corps of associate solitary reporters, and she joins associate solitary reporter Sylvania Juguete, formerly our Chief Latin American Correspondent.