Lockerbie, Once Again

There’s a lot of sand in Qatar, an island nation in the Persian Gulf which is about the size of Connecticut.


So if you can, picture the Nutmeg State containing sand and not much else, except for very valuable deposits, under the sand of course, all of which transformed the sand kingdom into a financial superpower in only a few decades.


Which is why the Qataris and FIFA, being keenly aware of how hot it gets in that part of the world, during the summer, well, that’s a tall order when hosting the World Cup.


Those of us who live in these here United States like our creature comforts, and so do the Qataris.


Blessed as they have been by their natural resources, the Qataris attribute their good fortune to the benefits bestowed on them by Allah; Allah did for them what they couldn’t do for themselves until geologists and petroleum engineers figured out how to do the extracting that they needed.


But we need to pivot to Libya, because, after the infamous Lockerbie bombing of December 21, 1988, while Pan Am flight 103 was flying over Lockerbie, Scotland, a bomb exploded, killing all 243 passengers and 16 crew members. Large sections of the aircraft crashed in a residential street in Lockerbie, killing eleven people ( 


There is now a suspect in custody, and his name is Abu Agila Mohammad Mas’ud Kheir Al-Marimi, a Libyan. He will be arraigned in the District of Columbia tomorrow.


In closing, we are obliged to alert reader Craig Joyce for reminding us that Brittney Griner is Brittney Griner, and not Brittany Griner; and, as Muslims say, Inshallah (God willing), she will be with her loved ones very soon after she leaves the medical facility in San Antonio where she is being debriefed.