Listen Up, This is Why Trump Insists that Biden is Senile: Because Paul Whelan is Still in One of Putin's Many Prisons

It is not important at all that Donald Trump wants to ignore, totally, our Constitution.


What is much more important is that as soon as President Biden and his Team announced at dawn today that Brittany Griner is on her way home to these here United States to be with her wife, Trump, who never knows how deep a hole, metaphorically, he has gotten himself into, that as soon as Mr Biden announced that "BG” is on her way home, Trump told associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones that Biden is senile.


That’s because Trump does not like Black people, he does not like gay people, he is only interested in basketball if there is money in it for him; and that women should not be allowed to play basketball.


But Jones did tell us that Trump insists that Biden is senile because he failed to get Paul Whelan, also in one of Vladimir Putin’s prisons, out of Dodge or at least out of Mother Russia.


Whelan is an ex-Marine who has citizenship in several countries, including Ireland.


Expect Whelan to stay in Russia for a much longer period of time than former hostage Terry Waite would have had to stay in Lebanon (cf.