In Which We Fail to Express Our Condolences to Iowa's Junior GOP senator about the DNC's Decision to Move South Carolina's Presidential Primary Ahead of Iowa's

For decades, we here at AP have lambasted the small state of New Hampshire for insisting, under state law, that the Granite State must hold the First in the Nation Presidential Primary.


Meaning that if a Republican or Democratic politician visits New Hampshire when speculation starts swirling around whether such and such a politician wants to be president, the answer is yes if they make frequent trips to New Hampshire.


New Hampshire has a minuscule number of voters of color, and it is so small that it has only two members of the U S House of Representatives.


Democratic political activists and President Biden have now hoisted New Hampshire on its own petard because the Democratic National Committee has decided that South Carolina’s presidential primary has to go first. Congressman James Clyburn, an African American Member who is almost as old as Nancy Pelosi — and who also was a major factor in securing the nomination for Joe Biden — represents a state where African Americans make up some one third of the population of the Palmetto State. 


As soon as the DNC announced its decision, Iowa’s junior senator, Joni Ernest, protested vigorously because Iowa will no longer be able to hold its troubled caucus before New Hampshire’s primary  

(, and she said that the RNC must not do what the DNC has done (and it won’t). Ernst yelled that “Democrats have really given middle America the middle finger."


Our Chief New Hampshire reporter, Patricia Jameson, went to see the Granite State’s Republican governor, Chris Sununu, to get his reaction.  


“Patricia,” he began, “Leave it to the Democrats to antagonize the Trump base.”


Speaking of Donald Trump, did you see how he now wants to dump the Constitution to bolster his claim that he won the 2020 election? (


That caused associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman to ask associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones whether RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel, who is part of the RNC’s establishment wing, has spoken with the District of Columbia health department, which could institutionalize Trump and keep him confined in a mental health hospital for the rest of his life.