Musk Is Now In Exile in South Africa

As we recall the horrific assassination of President Kennedy on this day in 1963, we also mourn the five dead in Colorado Springs over the weekend at Club Q.
But today we celebrate that the world’s richest man has been personally deported by President Biden, according to associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman, a longtime Democratic operative.
“Elon has no idea how to run his newly bought toy, Twitter,” Coleman said. “So now that he has fired half his staff, and, worse yet, he has allowed Donald Trump back on his platform so he can continue to poison the airwaves, the best thing that Biden could have done, namely, send Musk back to his native country, South Africa, has been done, and AP is now celebrating that.” See’s+survival+is+at+stake+as+staff+quits&utm_term=CNN+%28Turner+U.S.%29_CNN&dicbo=v1-77c02ba016f266cf6cc26ed5d65ec674-0065c424386a38c12437ffb0771f4ea495-he4weolcmi2dgljugbrwmljumzstqljyhbtgmllbhfqwimbzhaydqmbvhe.
“There will be plenty for Elon to do once he reaches Soweto,” Coleman continued. “Just think how he could provide indefinitely for the well-being of the Black people of South Africa.”