Colorado Republican Congressman Congratulates Shooter Who Killed Five in a Gay Bar in Colorado Springs

Colorado now has eight Congressional Districts. The Dean of the Colorado Congressional delegation, Diana DeGette, is a friend of your solitary reporter. Rep. DeGette recently hosted a funder in her Denver home for Rep.-elect Brittany Pettersen and Rep.-elect Yadira Caraveo, a pediatrician. Caraveo is the first Member of Congress to be elected from Colorado’s newly created Eighth Congressional District. When she was in medical school she was active in the union representing overworked medical residents and fellows. Like Pettersen and DeGette, Dr Caraveo is a Democrat.


Another member of Congress from Colorado is Congressman Doug Lamborn, who is reputed to be the most conservative member of Congress. He represents El Paso County and he is not popular, but he intends to stay in Congress until he dies. 


As the whole world knows, a gunman killed five people yesterday at Club Q, a cherished gay bar in Colorado Springs on Academy Boulevard. The gunman has been charged with having committed a hate crime, and the LGBTQIA community in Colorado Springs is in deep mourning. Read all about it at,, and


Lamborn is opposed to any legislation proposed by Democrats, he’s that conservative.


The Democratic Party stands behind the rights of all LGBTQ people. The majority of Republican voters who are evangelical are, to put it mildly, not fervent supports of gay, lesbian, and trans people.


As our many subscribers know, we have numerous associate solitary reporters. Because of the tragedy at Club Q, we dispatched associate solitary reporter Megan Fairweather Arnold to Club Q to cover the fact that Lamborn had shown up outside Club Q.


“As a loyal Republican,” Lamborn began, as he thanked a police officer from the Colorado Springs Police Department, "I do NOT support gays, lesbians, and trans, and queer people in general, nor does my close personal friend Donald Trump. I do not condone queer people gathering in a bar, plus I have a three hundred percent favorable rating from the NRA, and so I think the gunman who killed those five people in there at Club Q, using a rifle, was perfectly in his rights and I hope he is acquitted of any and all charges which have been lodged against him.”


But Arnold, who has a PhD in Religion and Psychology from Denver’s Iffy School of Theology and the University of Denver, and who is a Spiritual Director and the President of the Episcopalian Women’s Federation of Colorado, challenged Lamborn because everything he just said is contrary to Christian teaching.


Then Lamborn walked away, cursing at Arnold, saying she is just an outside agitator.


Tomorrow’s Colorado Springs Gazette is expected to cover the confrontation between Congressman Lamborn and Arnold.