Boris Johnson's Worst Idea Yet

Time was, when Brittania ruled the waves.


Then came other events, including two world wars, but, perhaps most significantly, for the times we are living in now, after all that blood, toil, tears and sweat (Churchill) along came the foolish idea that the UK could go it alone without the European Union.


That’s right, Brexit — a word created as a shortcut for the campaign of a few misguided Brits to leave the EU, partly because England, Scotland, Wales, and Cornwall are an island, and islands are their own entities, and are difficult (but not impossible) to invade.


The Conservative Party in the United Kingdom has had a succession of Prime Ministers recently, including the ill-fated MsTruss, who roiled financial markets with her tax-cutting scheme, and, therefore, had to resign just the other day; and she will stay in power for a few more days while scandal-plagued Boris Johnson tries to make a comeback. See


Boris was in the Dominican Republic on vacation when Truss resigned, so he cut short his vacation and immediately came back.


This reminded us of the Beatles’ hit, "Get Back" ("Get back, get back, where you once belonged”).


Since 2015, BoJo has been writing a book, not about America’s perhaps greatest writer, William Faulkner, but about a different Will, that is, William Shakespeare— a noble undertaking — but,  in his vanity, which knows scarcely any boundaries, he had to be reminded by several of his aides that numerous prodigious works have already been written about the Bard (


Our Chief UK Correspondent, associate solitary reporter Diane Packwoood, is a Professor of Shakespeare Studies at Oxford, and she just texted us to remind us that in his essence, Boris is a boor who simply has no idea how to comb his hair, unlike the attractive Ms Truss.


“Boris should go to the Falklands and stay there,” Packwood said, “and practice his Spanish.”