After Truss Resigned Today, King Charles Takes Over

For a week or so our associate solitary reporter in London, John Bowden, a longtime resident of London and a college classmate of your solitary reporter, thought that Liz Truss had a chance to set things right for the Conservative Party in the UK.


She has a strong voice, and she campaigned hard for traditional Conservative party values, not realizing that the British public is tired of the same old same old.


As soon as she stepped on it multiple times and created chaos in her own government, she increased the sense of crisis on that side of The Pond.


First she fired her Chancellor of the Exchequer, Kwasi Kwarteng, because her economic policies, including massive tax cuts, flew in the face of political reality, and then her Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, resigned after confessing error in how she handled public matters on her private phone; in her resignation letter she was highly critical of Truss.


And today she threw in the towel, right after telling the House of Commons that she’s a fighter, not a quitter.


Associate solitary reporter Diane Powell has special means of gaining access to Buckingham Palace, so she met in secret a few hours ago with King Charles.


“Diane,” he began, “a drastic situation like this requires me to break out of the traditional mold of a constitutional monarch and to jump right in and tell my subjects that my Kingdom can not afford to dilly dally any further.”


“Which is why I have sent a message to Ms. Truss, informing her that I am changing the way the Conservative Party has been operating for the last one hundred years. “


"This time, it won’t be the Conservative Party which will choose the next Prime Minister.”


“Instead, it will be me. It’s my royal prerogative.”


Sunak came in second to Truss in the contest during the summer to choose a new leader of the Conservative Party.


Sunak and his wife are very wealthy and, as the King explained, “We here in The Firm — as my late father used to call our monarchy — like having wealth, lots of it, so we can stay in power and enjoy all the fruits of wealth."