What's All This About Candidates Who Haven't Paid Their Political Dues?

We here at AP routinely expect that candidates for the Senate have had previous elected experience before they declare their desire to be elected.


In Ohio, J D Vance, a successful writer, snagged Donald Trump’s endorsement without having been elected to any public office. Now, he thinks he’s entitled to walk right into the world’s greatest deliberative body.


Ditto Georgia, with Herschel Walker, who wrote a book about his disability, got a woman pregnant, and managed to get his very vociferous son to denounce his morals.


Of course, once Donald Trump rode down his fancy elevator at his Tower and then promptly started stoking fears of foreigners, as he declared that he’s the only one who can lead America, all bets have been off as to whether Trump, who, as is well known, cares only for himself, was in any reasonable position to be a Leader.


We at AP, with a hope and a prayer, obviously hope that unaffiliated voters, who hold the key to sanity as they vote on or before November 8, will Do the Right Thing.