Is Anything Left of Herschel Walker After What Maureen Dowd Just Did to Him?

Donald Trump would have you believe that he loves Black people and that Black people love him (but don’t forget how the Department of Justice went after Fred Trump and Donald Trump for Housing Act violations back in the day).


Hmmm, did you read what the Times’ Maureen Dowd said about the Racial Divide, etc., today? Have you forgotten about Ben Carson, who lives in a fancy house?


In her column, she focused on the bromance between Trump and Herschel Walker, both of whom pretend to think he’s qualified to serve in the United States Senate if he can manage to defeat Senator and Reverend Ralph Warnock.


We here at AP never could understand how a big man who used to be good at running around on a football field carrying a funny-looking ball, could, ipso facto, consider himself qualified to be a United States Senator who would serve the Peachtree State better than Raphael Warnock.


Only that’s what Donald Trump thought, which is why Herschel got Trump’s endorsement, which means Herschel has to demonstrate 400% loyalty to 45.


Then along comes Dowd, one of the Times’ sharpest wits, who is expert at prickling the bubble of men whose hubris is their only defining characteristic.


Read all about it at about Herschel’s total hypocrisy, and about how his son feels about his daddy’s morality, in a state still known as part of the Bible Belt.