During Ian's Hurricane, DeSantis Is Trying to Get Trump to Just Stay in Mar-a-Lago

One of our most environmentally challenged states is Florida because so many people live there and so many of them vote Republican, including Donald Trump.
Ron DeSantis is their governor and he wants to be President. He’s a Trumpie because if you are a Republican candidate for elected office you have to have Trump on your side.
Many of our friends here at AP are Democrats, and a large number of them would love to see a primary challenge between DeSantis and Donald Trump.
DeSantis has been very visible recently because of Ian the Hurricane. So we asked associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman where DeSantis is at the moment.
“Last I knew,” he said as he pondered the political implications of our question, ”he was down in Mar-a-Lago talking with Trump and trying to persuade him to stay there in Mar-a-Lago and just fix it up so he can sell it before the next typhoon destroys it. That way, he’ll be way to busy to run against me in 2024.”
"Unlike Trump in 2016,” DeSantis continued, "I have direct experience as a man who has a proven record as an elected executive.”