Now that Zelensky Has Taken Izium, Moscow Can't Be Too Far Away

Now that the Ukrainians have captured Izium and are successful in their counterattack against the Rooskies, it’s time to predict what will happen any moment now in the Ukraine-Russia War.


Vladimir Putin’s Russia is much more corrupt than Ukraine has ever been, and what that means is that despite the relatively small size of his army, Volodymyr Zelensky is now at a turning point in his desire to do a lot more than punch Putin in the nose.


Zelensky is more convinced than ever that he can push the Russians all the way back to Belarus and then some.


“Once I get to Minsk, it’s only a few hundred miles from Minsk to Moscow,” Zelensky said to longtime Ukrainian nationalist Danylo Struk’s widow, Oksana. Struk was a classmate of your solitary reporter during freshman year at John Harvard’s College, where the two took Baby Russian because they met in 1959, only two years after Sputnik. Struk later became a professor of Ukrainian language and literature at the University of Toronto. Danylo (“Danny”) and Oksana visited your solitary reporter and Mary Mullarkey when they lived on Dahlia Street in Denver. Danny became a Denver Broncos fan after he moved to Toronto. He chose the Broncos as his NFL team because of the D on their helmets.