From the White House, Trump Congratulates Charles III As They Discuss Climate Change

Donald Trump defeated Joe Biden, according to The Donald. Which, ipse dixit, means it must be true. That’s how it works in TrumpWorld.


Which means that Donald and Charles III have already praised each other to the skies, via transatlantic cable.


But Charles favors a world wide attack, including via his Commonwealth, including Tuvalu (the most strategically important nation in the Commonwealth, an island nation in the Pacific), on climate change; and Donald won’t hear of it because the party he captured runs away from the truth at every opportunity. 


Which is why associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was at Mar-a-Lago poring over even more previously stashed away presidential records, as Trump fulminated against Chuck.


All this, of course, after the death of Queen Elizabeth II yesterday, only two days after she received her newest Prime Minister, the very articulate Liz Truss.


For his part, Charles is very worried that what happened to Charles the First (1600-1649) might happen to him, and if it does, the climatic skies around Charles Third will be very dark.