Trump's Top Consigliere Cops a Plea

It is a truth universally acknowledged that in TrumpWorld, there is only one person who counts.


And guess what, his name’s right there. Can’t miss it. Gotham, Scotland, New Jersey, and the man never gets enough. Cf CNN’s Michael D’Antonio, Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success (2015, before the Escalator Shot). 


After moving into 1600 Pennsylvania (don’t forget, he endorsed far-right Doug Mastroiano for Gov of the Keystone State) (By the way, when he’s not endorsing Republican candidates, WTF does he do?)


Today, Allen Weisselberg, one of Trump’s most loyal soldiers, arrived himself, appropriately masked against Covid (it's still here, folks) in state court in Manhattan.


In his carefully vetted plea deal, Weisselberg said that when The Trump Organization goes to trial in October, right before the midterms, there is one thing he will not do, which is, of course, he will not testify against Mr Trump, a man idolized by many people in these here United States, 


Trump has never been charged with a crime, but he despises the Justice Department, which, thanks be to God, is independent.


As lawyers often say, res ipsa loquitur (speaks for itself). 


The Empire State’s Acting Commissioner of Prisons, Anthony Annucci, told associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman that all fifty-two New York State prisons are well prepared to house The Trump Organization after it is found guilty of tax evasion (which is what Weisselberg pled guilty to in return for a relatively cozy time without the comfort of his family).