Giuliani and His Future in Georgia; Plus, Berlusconi, at 85, Is on the Rise Again in Italy, One of the Original Homes of Fascism

Rudy Giuliani, a close personal friend and some version of an attorney for Donald Trump, is now the target of the criminal investigation into various attempts by Trump and his allies to invalidate the results of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. Read all about it at


We all remember very clearly that Trump, after the election, called Georgia’s Secretary of State, Republican Brad Raffensberger, demanding that he “find” enough votes for him to secure enough votes to pass Joe Biden in the count and thus bring Georgia, which has too many Republicans, into the Electoral College column for Trump. Raffensburger was easily re-elected in November for another term, surpassing Trump’s hand-picked candidate, Republican Jody Hice. 


Then Giuliani and others came up with a brilliant plan: fake electors: Trump supporters whose names would be put forth by pols in Georgia and substituted for Biden electors. See how Trump and John Eastman, and Giuliani, came up with that plan:


But now Giuliani, who used to be a smart guy who successfully prosecuted violent criminals in New York, and who, as Mayor of Gotham, attended most every funeral for the First Responders killed in 9/11, is looking at a jury trial in Georgia in which his blustering, New York-inspired blather would turn off a jury in thirty minutes or less. This, according to one of our nation’s smartest jury consultants and all-around political prognosticators, associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman.


As District Attorney Willis comes closer and closer to indicting Giuliani, she told associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman that the best prison for Giuliani would be Hancock State Prison, a maximum security prison for Georgia’s most dangerous inmates.


We have even more cheerful news to report: Silvio Berlusconi, the media tycoon billionaire who led Italy as Prime Minister in no less than four different governments, is, at the age of 85, ready to return to the political scene in Italy where he can be in control, because, in his own view, Italy needs him. Berlusconi loves being a strongman and is regarded as such by many of his compatriots,