Barr Tried to Give Giuliani Cover

We here at AP always knew that when Bill Barr was Attorney General, he was mostly loyal to Donald Trump, even though the AG is supposed to be independent of White House decision-making.

So we were surprised when Barr told the January 6 commitee that he had specifically told Trump that he had lost the election — only there was no surprise when we learned that Trump preferred his chief sycophant Rudy Giuliani’s lies to Barr’s supporting the rule of law.
So associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman discussed the situation with Barr, who told her that Giuliani was able to support Trump because he was drunk. “I wanted to provide cover for Rudy by saying that Rudy could only have supported Trump because he was inebriated. “Rudy’s pretty good at dancing around the truth,” Barr said.