First Day of Revised Form of Presentation from the January 6 Select Committee

June  9, 2022
This evening, during Judy Woodruff’s News Hour, the Proud Boys were the featured bad guys (women are not allowed as members).
The Thompson Committee, a Select Committee which has really done its homework, explored in very painful detail the events of January 6, as orchestrated by Donald Trump.
Our Chief Legislative Correspondent, Melissa Smith, was in the hearing room, close to the exit door, as she heard the Proud Boys chant in unison, “Hang Liz Cheney! Hang Liz Cheney."
Although anxious, Smith cautiously approached their leader, Enrique Tarrio, a man of color who, if not for space limitaitons here, would have explained why he hates himself.
“See, Melissa,” he began, “Liz Cheney is a threat to our sacred union. Not only was she well prepared, she gave no evidence of feeling intimidated by our overwhelming presence here, and she seemed not in the least afraid of that negro sitting next to her, you know, that boy, Bennie Thompson, from Mississippi. Our group is developing plans to find him and drag him to the nearest oil drilling platform off the coast of Mississippi. You know how oil drillers in the gulf are always friendly to negroes.”
“But what really made us mad was that Cheney was wearing a tailor-made blue suit. She seems to have intentionally forgotten that both she and her father are RINOs, you know, Republicans in name only.”
“As soon as our Proud (but not arrogant, we are all very humble) boys find her, we’re taking her to an undisclosed location. Don ’t forget that it was her father who created the world-wide system of undisclosed locations during the  gulf war.”