Our Chief Investigative Reporter Is the Leaker

Here at AP, we employ a vast number of associate solitary reporters. They are stationed all over the world. Our Chief Investigative Reporter is associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman.


Sherman is well versed in our legal system, such as it is. When Profesor John Rawls published his seminal A Theory of Justice, he emphasized justice as fairness. Sherman is very fair, and she is excellent at inserting herself into top-secret groups without being noticed. That’s how she gained access to Justice Alito’s draft opinion which overrules Roe v. Wade. She is a member of the SCOTUS law clerks fellowship. 


At an informal meeting earlier today, Sherman loudly told Chief Justice Roberts that she is the one who leaked the Alito draft opinion to Politico. Roberts, often the swing vote, has told his colleagues (as Sherman has already told us) that he is most concerned about SCOTUS as an institution. 31 The Justice System Journal 1 (2010). Good idea, as several members of the Court have ways of manipulating him so he can unintentionally be part of the Democrats’ plan to make America sane again.