Malinowski, "Solution" Preview Long Day's Journey Into the Apocalypse, After Uvalde Massacre

The peripatetic NRA is financially and morally bankrupt (the bankruptcy aspect is relatively recent, but the immoral part, that ain’t nothin’ new, at all).


On Tuesday there was yet another mass shooting, this time in something called Uvalde, Texas, a small town where everybody knows everybody else, and an eighteen year old Uvalde boy, now dead, legally under Texas law, to celebrate his 18th birthday, bought deadly weapons which he used to kill 19 elementary school children (


As the whole world knows by now, Uvalde law enforcement made a major times 100 screwup.


The shooter had no previous criminal record and no previously documented mental illness. And Republican pols love to blame mass shootings on “mental illness,“ gleefully ignoring the fact that that gun manufacturers such as Douglas Defense very aggresively market their lethal weapons to the nation’s youth.


The Uvalde massacre took place only a few days before the NRA’s annual convention, outside of which, in Houston, righteous protesters made their views well known.


Today CNN’s Jim Acosta (Donald Trump called him fake news in 2017) interrogated Judge Phillip Journey, a member of the board of the NRA, demanding that Journey (life is one of those)

that he, the “judge” (a peculiarity of Texas law,; President Truman was a Judge in MIssouri before he was elected to the Senate)

acknowledge that the NRA has blood on its hands especially after Uvalde, but Judge Journey parried, refering to lapses in law enforement in the Buffalo racist massacre and citing the usual NRA BS.


Associate solitary reporters Patricia Malinowski and Anthony Solution, both longtime Texas residents, yawned and told us that whenever the NRA holds a talkfest, especially when Donald Trump is the keynoter, nothing will change in US gun laws as long as the filibuster continues to act as a stranglehold on getting anything meaningful done in Mitch McConnell's Senate. Of course, gun manufacturers such as Daniel Defense ( have developed highly aggresive ads encouraging youths to buy their automatic weapons.