Why the Gops Will Lose Bigtime in November Because of Roe v. Wade

It is a truth universally acknowledged that becasue of Republicans being out of sync with the nation on women’s reproductive rights, 80% of the contested seats in Congress, especially in the Senate, will flip to Democrats.
Have a look at two Republican woman senators, Lisa Murkowski, a semi-independent senator from Alaska, and Susan Collins, from Maine, both very good at standing up for themselves and against Mitch McConnell when they want to, but…. Sen. Schumer brought the bill up today to codify Roe v .Wade, knowing it would fail but at least it put the gops on record.
Then of course there’s Joe Manchin from the Mountain State, a proto-Democrat whose state went bigtime for Donald Trump in 2020. West Virginia has lotsa coal so Joe won’t do hardly anything to deal with the very pernicious climate change plus Joe, who was a popular Governor there, thrives on his power and causes President Biden’s hair to get grayer every day.