Venezuela's Maduro, Riding Rich Strike, Is Badly Injured, and Resigns in Favor of Guaido; McConnell at Kentucky Derby

Much of the economy of Louisville, Kentucky, depends on the annual running of the Kentucky Derby.


In addition to the opportunity for horse owners to strike it rich if their horse is first across the finish line, wealthy women, who are much smarter about how to dress than men, can show the world that they look their best in lavish dresses and hats.


This year, the racing world was shocked when a last-minute entry, Rich Strike, with 80-1 odds, was the winner.


The winning  jockey was Venezuelan Sonny Leon; and it was only associate solitary reporter Sylvania Juguete who noticed that Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell were riding Rich Strike, unsaddled.


From her home in Puerto Vallarta, Juguete travels throughout Latin America as a represenative of the Democratic National Committee.


Kentucky is a red state. In addition to McConnell, Kentucky’s junior senator, Rand Paul MD, a Tea Party fave, was present. Dr. Paul’s medical specialty is ophthalmology, but he is so reactionary and isolationist that we concluded years ago that he has no sensible political vision.


Both Maduro and McConnell are overweight, especially McConnell. McConnell is a consistent foe of President Biden, which is why, at the outset of President Obama’s presidency, McConnell earned the sobriquet of Senator No. McConnell is a steadfast champion of mining interests, and he does not believe in global warming.


As Rich Strike, with Leon, Maduro, and McConnell riding, reached the home stretch, Rich Strike, spurred on  by Leon, deliberatly fell, ejecting both Maduro and McConnell, but Leon, an expert jockey, stayed on his horse and finished first.


Maduro was so seriously injured that he resigned, leaving way for Juan Guaido, who was legitimately elected to replace Maduro, to take office, with the blessing of President Biden and Donald Trump when Trump was in the White House.