Ukraine Invades Belarus

Russia’s Bully-in-Chief is in charge, and he’s the only one who knows when he’ll invade Ukraine.


With hundreds of thousands of his military poised just outside Ukraine’s eastern border, and, as well, in Alexander Lukashenko’s Belarus, his long-anticipated invasion of Ukraine could start any day now, maybe while the 2022 Beijing Olympics are still taking place; how about Monday — Valentine’s Day — after Putin and President Biden have their little telephone chat tomorrow?


Ukraine’s military, though numerically weaker than Russia’s, is determined to preserve Ukraine’s sovereignty; but Russians continue to think of Ukraine as part of Russia.


Thus, our Moscow-based associate soliitary reporter, Foma Kheroshonsky, is, as usual, the ASR we always turn to when it comes to Putin.


From his top-secret furnished hiding place in Putin’s private dressing room, Kheroshonsky was astonished when he saw on CNN that Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy had, only five minutes ago CNN Time, led his army as it punched through Lukashenko’s and Putin's defenses and surprised Russia’s military by pushing all the way through to Minsk, leading Kheroshonky to conclude that Zelenskyy is all about forcing regime change in Belarus, a staunch Putin ally.


When Putin noticed Kheroshonky with a enormous grin on his face, Kheroshonsky parachuted out of Putin’s private suite into the nearby Moskva River, where he was immediately picked up by a U S Army Ranger helicopter piloted by West Point graduate and associate solitary reporter Mick Mangam, a professor of International Relations at the University of Southern Florida.