In Which We Wonder if Cruz Wants to Return to Canada, Where He Came From

Texas senator Ted Cruz was born in Canada on December 22, 1970. 


Never reluctant to express an opinion from the self-righteous Right, Ted quickly jumped into the fringy truckers’ protests in Ottawa and other major Canadian cities against vaccine mandates. As a politician who keeps trying to boost his cred with the Far Right, he’s made several statements in favor of the Canadian truckers.


Other right-wing American politicians have also expressed great sympathy with the protests, which have overwhelmed law enforcement.


Our Canadian associate solitary reporter, Edmonton Mayor Gary Zeman, tells us that Cruz has done such a great job sticking his unattractive nose into Canadian affairs that he’s thinking of moving back to Canada so he can run against Justin Trudeau for Prime Minister (far fewer voters to worry about than he had to in 2016 when he lost to Donald Trump). 


"There’s one big catch, though,”  Zeman added, “No Teddy Bear he, Cruz is the least popular senator, which means that if he were to move back to Canada — where people are much more laid back than they are in the US — he wouldn’t have any friends here, either.”