In Which We Try to Find Out What Plans the Oath Keepers Have for Pence's Future

In the past, we have not had much occasion here at AP to give a shoutout to former Vice President Mike Pence, but today, we have to.


At a conservative political conference  today, he stood up at the podium and unequivocally said that Donald Trump, to whom he repeatedly kowtowed for more than four years, was wrong in saying that it was his (Pence’s) fault that Trump was legitimately succeeded by President Biden.


To find someone brave enough to speak to the Oath Keepers — one of the most conspicuous groups that stormed the Capitol on January 6 — seemed impossible at first, but the choice soon became inevitable: our Chief Investigative Reporter, Susanna Sherman. In a word, she’s fearless.


“SR,” she texted us, “I had to meet this dude in the most undisclosed location, a place you wouldn’t even believe exists, and he wouldn’t tell me his name, and he had five thugs with him. I did smile at them in a vain effort to see how they might react.”


“After a discussion of only four minutes, when I repeateadly asked those guys what plans they have for Mike Pence’s future, they wouldn’t say a damn thing.”