Fifty-Two senators Refuse to Allow Consideration of Desperately Needed Electoral Reforms

This evening, all of Mitch McConnell’s acolytes in the GOP voted against changing archaic Senate rules, aka The Filibuster, to allow desperately needed election reforms to be passed, as Republican legislators in many states act to pass even more restrictive voting rules designed to suppress the voting rights of people of color, especially Blacks.


All 50 Republican senators were joined by supposed Democrats Sinema and Manchin, both of whom are defying the will of the people to make themselves even more powerful (


Sinema is especially reviled by sensible Arizona voters because in the early stages of her political career, she tended toward the left, but now she is among the center-right trenders in the Democratic Party. She’s more than likely to be primaried by a more sensible Democrat in the Grand Canyon State when she’s up for re-election in the same year that Donald Trump is poised to endanger our nation even more than he already did.


Our Chief Legislative Correspondent, associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith, who never uses any coal products, has gotten nowhere with Manchin, but from time to time she insinuates herself into Sinema’s office to tell her that she’s responsible for a very considerable amount of the gridlock in Washington. Most of the time, however, senator Sinema refuses to talk with her.