President Speaks Out on Omicron Dangers

Once again, it’s Uncle Joe Biden to the rescue.


Now that Science has unequivocally shown that the Omicron Variant must be taken very seriously, the President took to the airwaves to reassure an anxious nation that it’s okay to enjoy the holidays (


Using his Executive Authority to override Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, President Biden is deploying millions of testing kits, while he again criticized the massive number of Unvaccinated who have plunged our health care system into yet another crisis, and he said it’s okay to enjoy the holidays so long as you’re careful. 


From her illegally parked tent on the grounds of Mar-a-Lago, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones told us moments ago that Biden’s speech caused Trump to crash face forward onto the floor in a seething rage. 


Trump wanted Melania to call the Secret Service, but she demurred, preferring to take a luxurious bath in her private suite.