Colorado's Chief Trumpite Acolyte, Lauren Boebert, Gets Into It Bigtime by Lying about Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar in a Capitol Elevator

Trumpians have a way of echoing Donald Trump’s most visceral prejudices. That’s because they are his acolytes and they are constantly seeking to grab his attention.


Colorado’s Third Congressional District, consisting of much of Western Colorado, is very badly represented by a woman named Lauren Boebert, a Republican who owns a restaurant in Rifle where her waitstaff are encouraged to bring their guns to work. Boebert and her family live in Silt.


Recently, Boebert got into a tussle with Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Democrat and a Muslim who represents Minnesota. She always wears a hijab.


Boebert told a Colorado audience that she had been in an elevator at the Capitol and that Omar was also in the elevator and that since Congresswoman Omar was not wearing a backpack — a clearly Islamaphobic comment, given that Chechen-Kyrgyz terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been sentenced to death for his role in killing three Boston Marathon runners and injuring 260 in 2013 (;


Tsarnaev is a resident of Colorado in Fremont County. He is confined in solitary 23/24 where he is free to talk to himself about why he hates the United States. In his backpack he carried the bomb that killed three and injured 260, resulting in a total lockdown in Boston and surrounding areas.