Federal Judge Tanya Chutkan on Trump's Defiance of the January 6 Committee; Rikers Island Prepares for Trump

The most litigious man ever to sit in the Peoples’ White House — and the man who incited the January 6 Insurrection — has sued to keep his White House papers perpetually secret and out of the hands of the January 6 investigation committee capably chaired by Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss).


But Donald Trump wasn’t counting on federal judge Tanya Chutkan, who informed him in her ruling that he is not entitled on a perpetual basis to claim that Congress has no authority to investigate his attempt to overthrow our democracy (https://www.nytimes.com/2021/11/09/us/politics/trump-january-6-committee.html?referringSource=articleShare). 


Add to that the article in today’s Times by former New York Court of Appeals Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman, a friend of your solitary reporter. 


In his article, Judge Lippman lashed out at Gotham’s primary jail, Rikers Island. He decried the unsanitary conditions and lack of proper administrative controls.


After she read Judge Lippman’s article, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones kicked Trump in the cojones and, as he was writing in pain, said, “Sir, we all know that you really pulled a fast one when you changed your legal residence to Mar-a-Lago just to get out of the clutches of Manhattan-style justice.”


“So I just talked with Judge Lippman and urged him to tell Mayor-elect Eric Adams, a former cop, to set up a specially stinky cell just for you at Rikers Island.”


“It will be the smallest cell in there with just a simple, very crude hole in the floor, no running water, no TV, no nothing, and absolutely no visits from your close personal friend Steve Bannon.”