To Mask Or Not To Mask, That Is the Question (But Not for Marjorie Taylor Greene)

Members of the United States House of Representatives receive a salary of $174,000.


Which is a lot more than the vast majority of Americans.


Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican and a close personal friend of Donald Trump, has been fined repeatedly for not wearing a mask on the floor of the House. Most recently, the fine was $48,000 (


Which is also a lot of money.


Should we think of her as a nutcase or as a person badly in need of mental health services, or as a rogue Republican?


So, as we have often done before here at AP, we called on our Chief Legislative Reporter, associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith.


“Just remember, SR,” she began. “If Donald Trump were to throw her under the bus, she would be so traumatized that she’d end up in the ER, where she would insist that any provider NOT wear a mask.”