Why Florida's DeSantis Wants to Pay His Vaccine Skeptic Surgeon General Nominee a Mere $512,000 a Year

One of the nation’s leading Trumpites, Florida governor Ron DeSantis (who ain’t no saint), has nominated controversial Dr.Joseph Ladapo to be his surgeon general, but Dr. Ladapo won’t say if he has been vaccinated for Covid-19



Our Chief Sunshine State associate solitary reporter, Jim Mangam, has been covering this developing story.


Mangam, 50 and a veteran schoolteacher and now engaged to Florida’s best cook, broke into DeSantis’ Tallahassee office and confronted his fellow Catholic to demand how it made any sense at all to nominate some doc from California to be surgeon general of Florida when the dude won’t even say if he’s been vaccinated.


DeSantis’ response was quick and to the point.


“Jim, the only way I can get to succeed Biden is to toe the Trump line. It’s as simple as that.”


“I am delighted to pay Dr. Ladapo a measly $512,000 a year to be my Surgeon General, because, just like me, he’s totally anti-vaxx."