All About Texas' Own Judge Robert Pitman, Who Enjoined Abbott from Enforcing Strictest Anti-Abortion Law

On Wednesday, federal judge Robert Pitman, in his 113 page ruling, forcibly forbad Texas governor Greg Abbott from enforcing his ferociously anti-women, anti-abortion law (, and our Texas-based associate solitary reporter, Priscilla Malinowski, was the first unaccredited reporter to observe Abbott foaming at the mouth.


Judge Pitman was nominated by President Obama.


But back at the U S Capitol, senator Ted Cruz (TP-Texas), tweeted his usual vitriol at President Biden for filing the lawsuit against Abbott and his even more rightwing lieutenant governor, Dan Patrick. 


Our Chief Judicial Correspondent, associate solitary reporter Amy Kurwood, enjoyed a cool Lonestar brew with Judge Pitman in his chambers.


“Judge,” Kurwood asked, “now that you’re the darling of all the pro-choice voters in America, have you thought about running against Abbott next year, even if Beto files tomorrow?”


“Interesting thought, Amy, I had not considered that, but I’ll discuss it with Gilberto Hinojosa, the Chair of the Texas Democratic Party, and ask him for his advice.”


“If I were to do it, one of my primary motivations would be to make senators Cornyn and Cruz extremely distraught.”