Why McConnell Is So Eager for the American Economy to Fall Off the Cliff

The most obstreperous U S senator in Washington (other than Ted Cruz (TP-Texas)) is Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.


Like Lyndon Johnson, who was more than Master of the Senate, McConnell knows all that anyone ever needed to know about how to tie up our Senate in partisan knots.


Which is why it is important for everyone among our base of dedicated and sometimes fair-minded Democrats to know that Congress needs to increase our national debt, only McConnell & Co. refuses to do anything about any of that.


Elections have consequences, most of which McConnell wants to abrogate.


Previously, McConnell had a close personal friend named Donald Trump, who used to live, at least part time, in the White House.


These days, Trump lives in his very exclusive private club in Florida, a place where Melania has no interest in living, for very understandable reasons.


Joe Biden, a really nice man, defeated Trump in the 2020 election, a fact which Trump refuses to acknowledge, and never will. Can you imagine a presidential campaign where the Sore Loser’s entire electoral platform is based upon The Big Lie?


So Biden has a lot on his plate, including the national debt, infrastructure, dealing with Covid-19, tell Xi Jinping where to go, etc., etc.


But it’s up to Congress to extend the debt ceiling, yet the always obstreperous Senators No, like McConnell, will have nothing to do with it.


So, as always, we sent our Chief Congressional Correspondent, associate solitary reporter Melissa Smith, to confront McConnell, something she’s always good at.


“Melissa, I’m sick and tired of you indefatigable Democrats hounding me when I’m doing the only thing I was sent here to do, namely, defeat the Democrats in everything they want.”


“Us Republicans believe in self-sufficiently, like Emerson in his essay on Self-Reliance, so I want the American economy to collapse because in my Party, we know how to pick ourselves up after a fall.”