Rocket Man Just Sent Associate Solitary Reporter Ko Ilsun to Beijing on His Newest Rocket

Rocket Man has done it again.


Some years ago, former President Bill Clinton was on "Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me," the NPR News Quiz, with host Peter Sagal.


He was on so he could take The Quiz on behalf of somebody else.


Sagal asked him if he was familiar with the show, which he wasn’t.


The quiz questions were about North Korea.


Bill, no slouch in the intellectual smarts department — bearing in mind of course that Donald Trump, our former Liar-in-Chief, sat on his morbidly obese butt in the White House in a job that he was never ever qualified for — anyway, Bill promptly said that whenever Kim Jongun feels like he’s being ignored, he sends out something dangerous.


Which he claims he just did, as in missiles, in order to terrorize all the good folks in Aomori Prefecture in northern Japan (


So, naturally, we sent our Seoul-based associate solitary reporter, Ko-Ilsun, to Pyongyang to find out what’s going on.


That’s when Rocket Man strapped Ko onto one of his top-secret missiles, sending Ko straight to Beijing.