DeSantia' Latest Move in Fighting Mask Mandates Ends Up in the Gutter

Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who insists on being voted in as President Biden’s successor on January 20 , 2025, has continued in his endless quest to make a Supreme Fool of himself.


The guy is just as good at getting in front of TV cameras as his idol, Donald Trump.


His presidential campaign is focused solely on his mindless issue of abolishing mask mandates in public schools, under the absurd notion that people can do whatever they want, even though it endangers thousands.


Neither Trump nor DeSantis has any use for judges unless the judges agree with whatever they, as politicians, say should be done or not done.


Earlier today, Second Circuit Judge John Cooper ruled that DeSantis exceeded his authority when he proclaimed that mask mandates must be disregarded in schools (


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones is with Trump24/7, but when she learned that Judge Cooper had Done the Right Thing, she begged us to let her out of Mar-a-Lago to cover DeSantis’ next move.


Jones was transfixed when DeSantis, wearing his trademark smirk with, of course, no mask, called a press conference in which he demanded that Judge Cooper resign immediately and, failing that, that Judge Cooper must be impeached.


That’s when Florida House Speaker Chris Sprowls, a Republican, told DeSantis that even though they are both devotees of Trump, that DeSantis must resign by tomomorrow or be impeached.