Louisiana Does It Again: See Flyover Images From Oil Spill


Louisiana is a major hub for oil and natural gas.


In southwestern L’ousiana, Creole is a language of choice.


When Hurricane Katrina trashed much of Louisiana and southern “Missippi” in 2005, it was because humans in charge of the area didn’t do enough to sustain the levees, and, not only that, they took out the barrier islands south of the Mississippi River, and all Hell broke loose, especially in the Lower Ninth Ward of N’awlins.


Then Hurricane Ida did even more damage, with the most fatalities in the so-called Garden State.


After Rude Ida got done, aerial photographs disclosed satellite images showing extensive devastation: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/04/climate/oil-spill-hurricane-ida.html.


So we sent our Chief Investigative Reporter, California-based associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman, to discuss the matter with Louisiana’s Governor, Jon Bel Edwards, a conservative Democrat in a Deeply Red State.


“Susanna,” Bel Edwards began, “I know those images aren’t at all pretty, but ya know, there wouldn’t be a Louisiana ‘cep for oil and gas.”


“But Governor, aren’t you aware what Climate Change is doing to Terra Firma?”


“Susanna, you might go visit Republican senator Jim Inhofe, the eighty-six year old crank who is the senior senator from Oklahoma — you know, the crackpot who persists in believing that climage change is a hoax.”


“Teleport yourself to his office in Tulsa and ask him if he wants to wake up and realize what’s going on in the world.”