Justice Amy Coney Barrett Rushes to the Defense of Trumpian Lawyer Sidney Powell

In the United States, lawyers have to take certain oaths in order to be licensed to practice law.


Because Donald Trump lives in a dream world of his own creation, perpetually claiming that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him, that meant that he had to gather around him lawyers who are willing to lie.


That includes a woman named Sidney Powell, who has filed defamation suits against Dominion Voting Systems.


Partly because Trump claims that he and he only should have dominion over everything.


But yesterday The Honorable Linda Parker, a federal judge in Michigan, ruled against Powell, saying that she has to pay attorney’s fees to Detroit and the State of Michigan for their legal expenses in resisting Powell’s false claims about the lack of integrity of the election that Trump lost to Joe Biden (Dishttps://www.cnn.com/2021/08/25/politics/judge-sanctions-powell-wood-kraken-lawsuits/index.html). 


But for the Right, there is always a righteous remedy, according to our California-based associate solitary reporter, Susanna Sherman.


That’s why Sherman spoke, moments ago, with the newest member of SCOTUS, Amy Coney Barrett. 


“Susanna,” Barrett said, “It’s always good to see you, because whenever I see you, I know who sent you, it’s that guy in Denver who writes political satire which in every instance slams Republicans.”


“You may have forgotten that I, Donald Trump’s Third Choice to Reverse Decades of Judicial Rulings that Mitch McConnell Doesn’t Like,” have a lot of judicial power at my disposal these days.”


“I am the quintessance of an activist judge, even though my published opinions often say otherwise.”


“I am an activist judge whenever the rights of Trumpian lawyers are concerned.”


“Which is why I am today issuing an advisory opinion (and yes, I know well that we at SCOTUS aren’t supposed to do that.)"


"Because I have known my close personal friend Sidney Powell for many, many years, I am unequivocally telling you tht she always tells the truth, and therefore that woman Judge Parker in Michigan had no business issuing sanctions against Sidney.”


“Lefties take note: any lawyer who sides with Donald Trump on his election claims, must be protected.”