Why Trumpite Larry Elder Would Be a Disaster for California If Newsome Is Recalled

There are far more Democrats in California than there are Republicans.


Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat who is far from perfect, faces a tense recall election on September 14.


Newsom has yet to complete his first term in the demographically diverse state which in some ways resembles an independent nation rather than one of these here disunited States.


The people responsible for the recall are Trumpites.


Among the Republicans scrambling to replace Newsom, the leader in the polls is a hyper-conservative talk show host named Larry Elder, whose campaign is very well funded.


Mr Elder wants to nix the minimum wage. He supports off-shore drilling. He considers climate change to be BS, but since, as we already noted, Newsom ain’t perfect, many Republicans are eager to vote for Trumpian Larry Elder (https://www.cnn.com/2021/08/16/politics/california-recall-newsom-elder/index.html).


President Biden has called on sensible Californians to reject the urge to dump Newsom.


Into the mix we called on newly minted associate solitary reporter Francine Samora, a longtime resident of the Golden Bear State.


Samora’s response was typically consice.


“SR,” she just texted us, “Larry Elder represents the worst of California. While he’s gaining in the polls, I don’t know any people here in the Bay Area, where I live, who think it would be a good idea to do away with the minimum wage.”


Samora’s prediction was echoed by associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman, who also lives in the Bay Area, and who is also our Chief Investigative Reporter.


“SR,” Sherman said, “Anybody these days who denies climate change is no friend of mine.”